Supplementing the Adjustment?

Salesmen and service writers, this tip is for you, and trust me, it will make you Thousands! It’s supplementing. Yeah, I know you have an in-house supplementor, or your boss uses an outsourced company to process supplements, it doesn’t matter. You are the first supplementor. I’ll explain.  When I got into this industry, I was

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We here at Claim Juicer wanted to talk about supplement pricing and, more specifically, our competitions pricing. While writing out the details of this post, I couldn’t make it more than 15 seconds. My friends and family can attest, I’ve never really had a problem talking, but our solution is so simple and easy to

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How to Use Claim Juicer

I’m going to run you through the 4 steps, yes only 4 steps to starting your new supplement with Claim Juicer. This process should take you about 15-20 minutes to complete and once you get these processes in place, and even faster when implemented into your procedures. The first step in this process is to

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Who Is Claim Juicer

Claim Juicer is a roofing supplement company that creates honest, necessary, and approvable supplements.   About 3 years ago, we saw the industry changing but the processes for supplementing hadn’t changed in decades. After taking a deep dive into the industry, we better understood the problems and how we could solve those problems for our contractor

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