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With decades of experience in adjusting and contracting, Claim Juicer was founded for a contractor just like you. So if you found this site, this story is for you.

In 2018 Nate Coffin (a contractor at the time) conceptualized a business model for supplementing. The idea was born from industry conversations about how insurance companies changed their tactics in what felt like every other day, and how they successfully combat these insurance-company-tactics. There came a day when Nate was supplementing for peers more than selling insurance jobs, and at that moment, Nate knew it was time to transition to full-time supplementing; hence Claim Juicer was born.

Supplement Culture

Claim Juicer supplements every claim from a contractor’s perspective. This gives the supplement an organic-construction feel. The framework of each hand-created supplement has years of knowledge, experience, and finesse integrated. Supplements that are specifically created for an adjuster to quickly approve without all of the back and forth, pre-overcoming adjuster’s objections using real-life specific construction-based information for your particular project.


When a supplement is created, the format is almost as important as the details themselves. Claim juicer uses its own software, NOT the big-business insurance company’s. This is an essential detail when negotiating a claim. We are unwilling to use proprietary software created by big-business, for big-business insurance companies who train day in and day out on how to deny XM8 or Symbility Supplements. Our supplement format is easy to read, and most supplements are undeniable.


Compounding information and a call to action is built into every supplement. Where specific information, including your claim’s literal, proprietary numbers and specifications are built directly into the body of the supplement. At the end of that explanation, the adjuster is asked to address the supporting document with proof of burden, (call to action) and compel the adjuster to manage the supplement line item with an honest and ethical approach.


You can’t be an expert in every category of insurance restoration, it’s impossible. The idea of doing your own taxes, having inhouse crews for every trade, or (in this case) supplementing is exhausting. Once you start to deviate from selling and building jobs to focus on these other categories, the company cash flow feels the consequences. The solution is finding a partner-company that you trust, you feel they have your best interest at heart and feel their knowledge is better than yours. This is a difficult feeling to accept, but we hope you can find that with Claim Juicer.

Meet the CEO

Behind the scenes at Claim Juicer you’ll find….

Nate Coffin

founder / CEO

“Building a company that solves a problem has always given me the greatest sense of achievement. That’s what attracted me to supplementing.” That’s what Nate said when he started Claim Juicer in the middle of a pandemic. With insurance companies using every excuse, Nate felt he had to stick up for what’s right and supplement based on “new school” techniques, ethics, and technology. Using the proper wording and stylistic presentation integrated into supplementing pointed Nate toward founding Claim Juicer.

Born and raised in code-heavy Minnesota, Nate decided to become an insurance restoration contractor after six months in the industry. “I door-knocked, a month later started selling, then decided I love this culture! Work hard and make money.” It didn’t take long for the attorney-attitude of “negotiating” claims to show. In Nate’s second year in business, he averaged $20K per claim ($8K above average). Over the next seven years, his hustle morphed into supplementing at a high level and at almost triple the industry standards in gross profits!

His goal is to create a supplement based on a quality build and profitability—from a contractor, for a contractor.

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