How Claim Juicer Creates a Supplement

There are two big reasons why companies and individuals like you choose ClaimJuicer to help with their supplements.

Number one, we have an industry leading 36.8% average increase when it comes to new money on a claim. This means that if you had a claim initially valued at $15,000, on average, our clients would see an increase of $5,520 for a grand total of $20,520. That is a massive difference. Imagine getting an additional $5,520 on a job like that, how many problems could that solve for you and your business? Not only is there a financial benefit to you, the contractor, but that claims size increase results in a better end result for the customer and the insurance company. As we all know, missing critical items on insurance restoration can prove to be a massive headache in production and expectation management.

The second reason people choose to work with ClaimJuicer is very simple. Our claim accuracy and turnaround time is second to none. We accomplish this through a proprietary blend of AI and human input, and that combination allows us to provide our customers with supplements that the desk adjusters can sign off on with minimal back and forth. Our process saves you a ton of time and effort allowing you to get on to the next claim and the next project as soon as possible.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking, especially if you’ve been in this industry for a little while, you’re already thinking of the fight you’re going to have with the desk adjuster when it comes to an almost 40% increase on a claim. After all, they’re used to people putting together supplements with Xactimate and trying to stuff them with all kinds of unnecessary line items to try and pad the claim. We avoid that battle completely by using our own software, template, and language to create and deliver these supplements. Our supplements are provided in a well-written easy to understand format.

We have found this to be the most effective way to communicate with insurance companies and desk adjusters. And it prevents many of the objections that typically come up with supplements prepared and software such as Xactimate. You will not find a single line item in our supplements that can be deemed unnecessary. And we go to extreme lengths to ensure that we provide our finished supplements and the most agreeable form possible. This process keeps the negotiations phone calls and emails to a minimum between the desk adjuster and yourself. Now, why is this important? Rather than fighting with these people over drip edge or ladder jacks, you get to move on to the next project sooner, boosting your productivity and your revenue.

Now that you have an overview of how ClaimJuicer operates, let’s get into the details of how we put these supplements together. There are five different areas that we focus on with our supplements to get the maximum impact for our clients.

The first one is waste factor calculations. Every single product that is used in insurance restoration has some form of waste factor. Let me give you an example. Drip edge is sold in 10 foot sections and your project needs 37 feet. It is not uncommon to see typical insurance software like Xactimate only provide pricing for the 37 feet. However, as industry professionals, we know you must buy this product in 10 foot lengths. If that claim was put together with only 37 feet being built, we would be losing money on the other three feet of drip edge that we had to purchase. And if you average 60 projects per year, that swing would put an additional $1,400 per year in your pocket, and that’s just three feet of waste.

The second area we focus on is code enforcement items. This is a big area, and it’s one that insurance companies and other supplement companies get wrong quite often. By failing to research the proper construction and building codes for an area, it’s entirely possible and misses expensive sections of an estimate altogether. What’s worse, the customer ends up with a finished product that isn’t up to local code standards. At ClaimJuicer, we have a proprietary process that is extremely accurate when it comes to code enforcement. Not only do we provide the most accurate solution on the market, but we provide all of the supporting code documentation with our supplements to make it impossible for the desk adjuster to argue with. We also include the point of contact for every single code item. If that insurance company wants to dispute a certain item, they are provided with contact information for the code enforcement officer that’s responsible for that code.

The third factor in our supplements is manufacturer specifications. Every manufacturer has a particular standard when it comes to installing their products. If the claim is put together wrong or utilizing improper materials, it can cause issues and void manufacturer warranties later on. Here’s an example. Shingle companies usually require four nails installed per shingle in a typical use case, but in areas like Florida and Oklahoma, it’s pretty common to use six to properly account for high winds. Oversights like this lead to jobs being quoted and performed improperly. That is a big mistake and one that we can help you avoid altogether.

Our fourth factor is missing items. Sometimes it’s a small item. It’s a section of drip edge for some starter strip. Occasionally, it’s a larger item, such as valley metal or even a good portion of the shingles needed for that job. Our experience in the supplementing industry, combined with our advanced software ensures that these items are properly accounted for and build-out.

Number five unique items. Now, this is where ClaimJuicer really shines. Imagine this. Your construction crew shows up to replace a roof and there are no exterior outlets, a generator is needed. Who pays for that? Or imagine this. This roof replacement is taking place 20 miles from the nearest gas station. There are no bathrooms available. That crew is going to be a porta-potty. Who pays for that? Working with a client that has a pool, you’re going to want to tarp that pool properly to keep granular material and nails out of it.

How about gutters? One of the most easily overlooked items on a claim. If the gutters aren’t being removed and reinstalled or replaced altogether, you’re going to need to budget for ladder stability and gutter foam to prevent damage. As you start adding all of these items up, it’s not uncommon to find thousands of dollars worth of unique items that each claim needs that were missed entirely.

As we all know, no two claims are the same and no two supplements are equal. There are unique factors and considerations that must be taken into account for every single project. We have a team of experts that have decades of experience in handling claims, writing supplements, and negotiating with insurance companies. We do this every single day for customers just like you and we can help get you the maximum possible plan. If you are ready to let Claim Juicer do the heavy lifting for you, fill out the form below and we will get your supplement started right away.

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