How do I Submit a Supplement to the Desk Adjuster

Recently at Claim Juicer we’ve been asked a lot, “how do I turn in a Claim Juicer supplement” and the process is actually pretty simple and it’s similar to turning in an Xactimate or lump sum style supplement. I want this blog to bring you so much value even if you’re not a Claim Juicer customer. Here at Claim Juicer we believe the most important supplement is a pre-production supplement. We’re gonna focus on the five crucial steps to have a successful pre-production supplement handoff to the desk adjuster.

The first step is to call and find out who the desk adjuster is. This may take a little bit of time especially in 2022 where communication is quite inadequate but it’s so important to find out the name, the email address and if possible the direct phone number for your desk adjuster.

The second step is to call that desk adjuster and set an expectation, your goal for this call is to schedule an appointment to discuss your specific and complex project. Now there’s a couple rules to this, don’t submit your supplement until your appointment has been scheduled and do this step over the phone not via email.

Step three is to send in all of your documentation, if this is a Claim Juicer supplement that documentation could be up to 25 separate documents and if you want to know more about our documentation and supplements send us a message or email.

The fourth step is to call the desk adjuster on your scheduled appointment date to discuss the supplement and if this is a Claim Juicer supplement this is where we really shine. Our supplements are made to negotiate themselves using a lump sum style supplement with a ton of supporting documents that have approvable and necessary items, and just in case you get that extra saucy or spicy adjuster we give you specific directions on how to discuss that exact line item including why we supplemented that line item and word for word notes to say to the desk adjuster.

The final step is to wait for your supplement, now if this is a Claim Juicer supplement you can expect a 36.8 new money average return that’s delivered to you within 72 hours for a flat rate $350 and that my friends is how you supplement. If you’d like these steps emailed to you we’ve created a shareable doc send us a message or email we’ll get that straight out to you.

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