Xactimate Price List

If you’re an insurance restoration contractor this blog is for you. It’s super exciting because if implemented properly it’s going to add thousands to your net profit. The best part about it is this tool is free. No catches no gimmicks absolutely free let me explain. Xactimate has been in our industry for a long time and to say they’re not influenced by insurance company giants is flat out wrong. These insurance companies will do whatever takes the profit, and Xactimate is a great way for them to control that. Now we have a bunch of other blogs on these issues but this blog is specifically about Xactimate price lists.

What is an Xactimate price list, it’s the material or labor prices that most insurance companies use to build their estimates in that Xactimate software. This price list changes a lot in fact some contractors will spend up to an hour switching a price list from one month to another for profitability . We’ve seen some 2021 projects make a turn for the worst. Contractors are actually losing money, these were projects mostly with decking, but going from a profitable job to losing money is a massive swing and a miss. 

So we came up with the solution, we built a tool that tracks Xactimate pricing and personally I couldn’t be more excited for what it has to offer. A quick disclaimer: this is for entertainment purposes only and when we refer to Xactimate we’re actually talking about XM8. With that said, what is it and how does it work? Well we use thousands of Xactimate line items, territories and zip codes across the USA and translate that data for your use, again it’s free and easy to use. Go to claimjuicer.com and scroll to the Xactimate price list by month. There you’ll see an interactive graph outlining different Xactimate data month by month. It’s the fastest way to see what month had the highest price list.

Claim Juicer has been using this data for a while now and with percentages hitting almost 20 percent, we had to launch it for our contractors. Who wouldn’t want to receive another 20 percent on their project. So get on the website, check out the data for your claim, and as always if you need a hand understanding supplements or claims there’s a multitude of ways to contact us on that site too, our advice is always free.

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