How to Convert Repairs to Replacements

There are a few big business insurance companies writing for repairs when they should be replacements. I know you got a couple but with the industry changing what are your options right now. Here are three ways to get that claim turned from a repair to a replacement. 

The first one is what most contractors are doing and it has such an invisible negative byproduct you don’t see until it’s too late. That’s when contractors will try to get it changed themselves, this is so toxic it eats up a ton of time and so much money, all for what? A 300 per square sub-par project got approved. Is it worth it? Well while you’re deep in the middle of trying to explain the repair to your homeowner and why it should be a replacement, it seems like it is worth it but I assure you insurance companies don’t play by the rules. What’s morally and ethically acceptable is not the likely outcome using this process. 

The second one is quite a bit better but it takes an SOP, a standard operating procedure, in place. It’s handing it off to a public adjuster, I know, I get it. PAs have many synonyms like terrible communication, too expensive or months and months but so do roofers and yet here you are. Bettering yourself reading this blog. The key is to find a great PA just like what your customers had to do to find your great company. It’s the same, search and find a great PA, one that sets an expectation, has a fixed journey for the policyholder and your company, and find one that’s moral. This is becoming more and more difficult but they are out there and when implemented into your SOPs they will allow you to back burner the claim until it’s approved. This gives you time to do anything: sell jobs, work on your business, work in your business, whatever it needs it’s a great solution. 

The third is also a great option and it’s available to you right now. It’s supplementing using Claim Juicer. If you’ve watched any of our videos, or read any of the blogs you know that we don’t supplement in Xactimate, we supplement in our own software. This allows us to over inform the insurance company and forces them to look at the claim and have answers. Answers for things that you and I know are code manufacturer specifications or just plain common sense. We use real and sometimes complicated math, we outline and describe in detail the building processes and procedures that organically turn the claim into a replacement with the desk adjuster. Claim Juicer gets these repairs to replacements done quickly for a low flat fee. If you’d like to know more about Claim Juicer visit us online at or you can email me at but whether you use a PA or Claim Juicer, you all need to stop trying to do this yourself, it’s only hurting you from scaling.

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