Is Claim Juicer a Public Adjuster

We got a comment asking are you a PA?  I’m going to answer that in a story. So when I transitioned from a door knocker to a sales guy or as like or as I like to call it now, a modified door knocker. We used to get our scopes of damage on a carbon copy paper sheet, a sheet had the insurance company’s name, address and phone number but everything else was hand written, claim number, name, address and the adjuster wrote each line item individually. So it looked something like, shingles how many square in the price felt and sometimes if you got lucky you would get a two sheeter. So many items they had to put it on two sheets. That was a good paying job but a lot of times we would need to go and ask for more items. Like if there’s gap decking or ice and water shield. This is now what we call supplementing. The process back in the day was way easier, all you would do is call old Glenn and ask and he would say yes most of the time. 

It was pretty simple. Well times have changed and they’re changing even more by the day, I’m telling you. Now we can’t simply just call Glenn and ask for missing items, in fact it’s the opposite. Insurance companies have tightened the noose and are remitting a lot of items from their estimates. Some insurance companies have adopted standardized software that doesn’t even have line items for normal roofing tasks. Why? Big business profits that’s why. In the late 80s Robert Crandall came up with a plan to take one black olive out of every first class salad on American Airlines. I’m sure you’ve heard the story, this was the first major corporation to make a move for huge profits by cutting costs. This accounted for around a hundred thousand dollars per year in savings which today is estimated to be 350,000 bucks. This was not the only move they made and it yielded huge for American Airlines and kept them out of bankruptcy. Not but 15 years after big business insurance companies have followed suit and started cutting back on their scopes of damage but they came across some backhands from judges and homeowners and the department of insurance directors. They’ve been sued over and over again but now things are changing for them, for their benefit. They’ve found loopholes and ways to be unethical, so now contractors must jump through a hundred hoops to get just a few line items that are needed or required by code approved. 

We have that solution in Claim Juicer. We create an estimate that is written in a way that puts an insurance adjuster in a tough spot morally and ethically. It forces them to look at the unique claim, we also call in and defend that bid. This frees up a ton of time for the contractors to keep scaling and working on and in their business. Now as far as a PA goes, they are totally needed in our industry and there is another blog that explains what a PA is.

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