How to Introduce a Supplement to a Desk Adjuster

This one is a tricky one and I’m going to answer with the top 3 industry-standard processes.

The first one brings a tear to my eye and I’m not going to get deep into this but it’s not supplementing at all. Either lack of knowledge, time, or resources force some contractors to abandon that extra cash flow for a turn and burn philosophy. For that, I bring up the go-to Claim Juicer drip edge analogy! If you’re a customer of ours you know what I’m talking about. The easiest supplement to get approved and I’ve NEVER seen it on the initial estimate is drip edge waste. What are you supposed to do, use all the cut-off drip edge to run the last elevation of drip edge, no you buy extra, like a good contractor, and install a full piece when you can. This is so easy to get approved and check this math out. If a stick of drip edge in XM8 is 21 bucks and you are missing 2 sticks per job, with the average contractor doing 60 jobs per year you are missing out on (drum roll) $2,520.00. Yeah, start supplementing, do something, anything and if you can’t, call us and we’ll help.

The second way is done all on the back end and leaves hundreds of thousands on the table but it’s want some contractors see as a happy medium. They say I’ll just get the easy ones approved, it’s not worth the fight or they are forced to because if they don’t, they can’t make payroll because the supplement is attached to recoverable depreciation. When business is slow and cash flow is tight, supplementing the right way could be a difference between shutting the doors or keeping them open. Some real talk there and on a side note supplementing should never be a fight or argument, it’s actually a simple process when you get the knowledge

The third way is how most large supplementing companies do it and when I picture that, I see a supplementor on a hill with Moses chiseling out line items in XM8 with photos that took 10 tries to get the right megabits just right so it wouldn’t change the format to Google drive and, well you get the point… Using this method a supplement is delivered to the desk adjuster, using software that was created for insurance companies, using their price lists, and of course PDFs of some pics. This worked for a long time and as the evolution of F9 notes were implemented to combat some of the issues, it has been addressed and backhanded by big-business-insurance companies. Along with the downward trending “new money” averages them gouging 10-25%, how does this solve your cash flow issues and more importantly profitability…
Let me introduce an alternative option in supplementing and introducing supplements to a desk adjuster. An option that includes a lump sum style supplement all while integrating artificial intelligence and insurance company trends. It’s Claim Juicer and as we keep saying, yeah our name is unorthodox but we think unorthodox is exactly what this industry needs. When a Claim Juicer supplement is submitted to a desk adjuster it has detailed documents proving that the requested items are either required or needed. It shows code enforcement officer contact information, waste factor calculation reports, attic ventilation analytics and it’s all presented using real understandable terms. simply put. Claim Juicer creates honest, approvable, and necessary supplements for the insurance restoration industry. 

As usual, go to and try out the always-free supplement calculator to see what your supplements could be. 

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