How to Use Claim Juicer

I’m going to run you through the 4 steps, yes only 4 steps to starting your new supplement with Claim Juicer.

This process should take you about 15-20 minutes to complete and once you get these processes in place, and even faster when implemented into your procedures.

The first step in this process is to register, you can do that by visiting and clicking register. Once registration is complete, we will email you a welcome email. This email will guide you through the steps outlined in this video and can be used as a quick reference guide for future supplementing questions.
The second step is filling out your new project form. When you receive that welcome email from Claim Juicer, you will be prompted to click a link labeled “Start a New Project”. When you click that link, a production form will automate and you will be prompted to fill out this form. We have a video you can watch to fill this form out but it’s pretty self-explanatory. There are a few tips on filling out this form for maximum success and that starts with being on-site or having great notes about the project. I suggest filling out this form on-site, it makes the process simple and quick… MAKE SURE IT IS COMPLETELY FILLED OUT and don’t use a CAD (like eagle view, hover, or roof scope) and specifically DO NOT USE the insurance company scope. These numbers are what make you money, do it the right way!
The third step is simple, upload and email the scope to This scope is an estimate that the insurance company has used to determine the loss. Most of the time these are written in Exactimate but more and more lately companies like Symbility are being seen in the industry as well. Once you have the scope uploaded, use only the claim number in the subject line. no other words or phrases, just the claim number. If you have CompanyCam or photos you would like to send in, this would also be the time to add that link or PDF.
the 4th step is completely optional. If you have a line item, bid, or invoice that needs to be built into this preproduction supplement, add those items to the email above and we will make sure they are added or amended in another line. 
And that’s it. 48 hours later you will receive your 30-70% supplement! 
We can not wait to start your project!

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