Supplementing with Skylights

If you have roofs with skylights, have a standard operating procedure set up for supplementing them. Xactimate and Symbility pricing is an absolute joke and if you’re not careful you’re going to lose money. Either on the lack of profit or from a leak because you did as you were told from the insurance company and it’s going to be your fault. 

Set up a process even if it’s just a mental process for supplementing skylights. A few things you could add would be flashing that needs to be replaced like code, flashing can’t have old holes from nails. There could also be damage your roofer will cause when tearing off the roof or as simple as a steep and high charge. Ever think of that, well all of these things need to be added. Here at Claim Juicer we write up an entire mock build of the project and what it really takes to build a job. You can do this too, it’s simple. However it takes a ton of time so don’t settle for an Xactimate or Symbility estimate where one bold word outlines an entire process. As usual if you need to hand with supplements shoot us an email at

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