Supplementing Shouldn’t Hurt Your Relationship with the Adjuster

When talking with contractors I often hear the biggest reason a contractor won’t supplement is because it’ll hurt their relationship with the field adjuster. I have so many questions and thoughts. The first thought is damage is damage, if it’s damaged an adjuster should cover it and if it’s not damaged they shouldn’t cover it. Also if they need to have a relationship with you to cover damage it’s a huge moral, ethical and illegal red flag. If an adjuster won’t cover real damage refer to a PA, appraisal or legal. Put it on the back burner until it gets approved and then build it. Easy and simple, that’s why you should supplement every claim. As usual if you need help finding a PA, appraisal or legal company or some construction advice let us know. We have a bunch of referrals, we can help you out.

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