Find the Correct Public Adjuster

When looking for a public adjuster on an average claim it feels like one of those old Indiana Jones movies where he’s searching for the ark of the covenant and there’s always some sort of drama. So much time and mental exhaustion happens in the search for a good public adjuster. If you’re a PA you may not be in this category so don’t freak out quite yet. What frustrates me the most is that ninety percent of public adjusters don’t want to handle an average size claim. They want large commercial losses and obviously we all want bigger projects because there’s more profit but there’s a huge gap in our industry and for contractors for average residential claims. 

Here at Claim Juicer we’ve probably talked to a few hundred public adjusters over time. We finally landed on one that solves most of these problems. Problems like letting your file not rot on their desk or taking an average size claim, pricing or probably the most important communication. We actually had to put an SOP together for the process of looking for a public adjuster, it’s pretty crazy. What have I learned from these few hundred phone calls, emails and personal connections? First off, large loss public adjusters are always willing to give you their opinion but never willing to help. The guys who are willing to do residential size claims most of the time have an angle that crosses some sort of moral and ethical threshold. Finally if you can find a good residential public adjuster they’re crazy busy, especially right now. 

So in closing, it’s really difficult to find a residential public adjuster, not impossible, but difficult. If you don’t have this referral solution for your homeowners you’re going to lose money at some point in your process. Spend the time to find the right public adjuster. This is your livelihood, your business, your family. Get this solution in place and again if you need a hand with this solution send me a message, email me We can tell you how we integrate with residential PAs.

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