Insurance Will Approve with Photos

A big change in the insurance restoration industry, like there’s every week. Insurance companies are now verbally approving supplements but need photo documentation mid-production. Items such as flashing, decking, felt are a few of those items. I think this all calls for some clarity because they’re not putting it in the scope of damage as PWI. They’re just saying send in the photos, I’ll approve it if you send in the photos. What if the claim gets transferred to a new DA, what if they take bad notes or what if they’re lying. 

Here’s how I suggest you handle this process. First off, congratulations you’ve got that new money but now you need to protect that verbal commitment from the desk adjusters. So let me give you three steps to help you. 

Number one, send an email outlining the verbal commitment from the desk adjuster. A simple email like “Hey Mr. Adjuster, thanks for taking my call today also thank you for verbally approving the flashing with photo documentation during tear off. I will send those photos as soon as it happens.” This will set an email expectation of the conversation and put the proof of burden in the adjuster’s hands. I’d cc the homeowner on that email too, it’ll help a lot in the end. 

Number two take the photos when it happens, send it in all while ccing the policy holder on that one as well. 

Third, the project’s over, defend your pricing and if you need to involve the homeowner, do it, because they’ve gone through this little mini journey with you. As always, if you need a hand we’re always here Claim Juicer, shoot us a message, go to

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