The Cost of Doing Business Lie

Today I got hit with an adjuster trying to tell me, “well that’s a cost of doing business.” It happened to be concerning a safety regulation on a specific job that needed that process. However there’s not a line item in Xactimate to cover that process, I mean who would have guessed. We had added it to our supplement and the adjuster was not having it. We sparred and sparred until the magic words came off of his lips. He said “that’s a cost of doing business” it was at that point I was pretty sure we would get my line item added. So I said “If I don’t need this process on a project is that a cost of not doing business?” The adjuster verbally sighed and then said “Okay I’ll add it in. I’ll add just this one line item in.” There were a bunch of other line items that that exact process happened with. 

So if you can make an adjuster think for themselves and get out from underneath the brainwashed, big business insurance company excuse handbook of rebuttals. They actually feel morally and ethically obligated, as a human, by human nature, to approve that line item or be objectified as a non-contributing member of society for adding nothing. I mean this was necessary and approvable and I made him think that it was approvable. That’s how you get supplements approved and that’s how Claim Juicer does it. You make them understand how real contractors build. Make them you, and as usual if you need a hand let me know.

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