Xactimate Does Not Have the Ability to Support Your Specific Claim

I just found a line item in Xactimate for shrub protection, nope. It actually doesn’t exist, they say it’s a cost of doing business but what if the property doesn’t have shrubs? Is that a cost of not doing business? This is a tactic that Xactimate uses to create an out for insurance companies to deny coverage. so Way back in the day I had this property with beautiful flowers and shrubs and not a single line item of shrub protection or flower protection on the scope. So I called in and asked, what did they do? Added a few labor hours but there’s some problems with this. Is my labor supposed to be the cover? Am I supposed to catch the shingles off the roof? Who’s paying for the tarps, the OSB, the slides? Do I have to drive and pick them up for free and return the ones that I don’t use? What about profit for my time? 

This is all ridiculous but at that moment I realized it’s all planned. Big business insurance companies don’t make profits by paying for these repairs and the sooner we can focus on the job instead of a line item the sooner we can take back projects that make real life profit. Claim Juicer supplements in their own software changing the focus from an Xactimate line item to focus on the actual items needed on your unique project. We’re using massive information overloads, pre-overcoming desk adjuster objections before they have a chance to even ask and proving enforcement of codes. So make profit, don’t supplement or defend your bid in Xactimate and don’t even get me started with Symbility. Create your own supplement, in your own software or in your own format. It’s better than Xactimate over Symbility.

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