You Can’t Win the Fight Against Corruption in Big Business Insurance

I’ve had a lot of contractors tell me they’re frustrating stories about insurance companies and how they’re mistreating the policyholder and honestly them. This is completely normal and it does happen quite a bit but I’m starting to see a trend with contractors and it’s a trend that carries a very negative byproduct of unintentional self-harm. So here’s my PSA for the insurance restoration contractors. Right now in our industry insurance companies are getting away with so much injustice, illegal activity, bad faith and honestly they just don’t care. 

That’s been in our industry for a long time but with all the greed and control that these insurance companies are chasing it also looks like contractors are trying to stand up for what is right. Now don’t get me wrong I think standing up for what is right is a moral obligation. However from my perspective it looks like one contractor running into a tactical ambush where their business is getting absolutely slaughtered. Contractors are spending hundreds and hundreds of hours on injustice. Like fighting a repair that should be a full replacement or trying to tell the insurance company about how crazy it is to send a non-adjuster to a property for damage assessment or an unrepresented scope of damage. I get it it sucks, it’s immoral but you guys have to stop, it’s dragging you down to the bottom of the ocean you don’t even know it and you’re drowning. This isn’t your battle to fight and even if it was you’re not best suited to stand up for the policyholder. 

The people that can help are a public adjuster, an appraiser, an attorney, these are the people that can help you. These people will free up your time allowing you to actually work on your business. Keeping your cash flow rolling and you can swoop back in and be the hero when it’s time. So don’t fight a fight you won’t win, focus on scaling and create an SOP, a standard operating procedure, for when this happens because it will. If you need help finding one of these alternatives like a PA or an attorney let us know we’ll get you connected.

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