You Have to Give Up Supplementing

Why is giving up supplementing so important? So standardized claim writing software like Xactimate and Symbility are mutating into something we should all be seriously concerned with. Years ago Xactimate didn’t even exist as the go-to platform for writing an insurance estimate. In fact, I remember just getting into the insurance restoration industry and receiving an estimate from a small mutual carrier on a carbon copy paper estimate. 

The industry from what it used to be has changed. The age of computing has brought so many great solutions and we’re all reaping the benefits of those solutions. However there are a few solutions that favor big business insurance companies, leaving contractors like you behind. The amount of money that these insurance companies can put into algorithms, schematics, analytics and overpaying for estimate writing software like Xactimate overpower and seem to either force us into compliance or learn the ever-changing art of supplementing in Xactimate. The insurance company’s servant software. 

Now if you think supplementing is any different from writing an estimate or lump sum bid, it’s not. We’ve just been subject to the insurance companies telling us how to do it for so long. We don’t know any different. We do have a blog out there that may help you understand Claim Juicer’s philosophy a little bit better. It’s on our website at It’s called what is a supplement and it gives a little different perspective of supplementing in general. The general idea I’m trying to convey with you is the way the insurance industry is changing and making things more difficult. 

You can be an insurance restoration contractor or a great supplementer. There are people who probably do both with great success but it’s an unscalable business model and eventually if scaling you will have to give it up because that’s where the industry is. If you’d like to know more about Claim Juicer and how we can help you out. You can reach out at or visit our website

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