Leave the Supplementing Up to Us

Recently I was watching an orchestra and I noticed the conductor was pretty much doing nothing or at least that’s what it looked like to me. I saw the percussion, the horns, the strings, doing all of the hard work and this guy was waving his hands around. As a dad and middle-aged man it was my moral and ethical obligation to research it. I did and I was shocked. The guy waving his hands around was actually the guy who created the song. He wrote each instrument’s harmonies and music, spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours on this one thing. Does that sound familiar? Well it should, it correlates well with our industry. This conductor is no different than you are and at some point the conductor had to give up playing an instrument to focus on his orchestra. Just like you have to focus on your company in order to scale and we’re not even talking about the insurance restoration industry here. The industry where the deck is stacked towards the big business insurance company, the industry where we must comply or conform. I mean we feel awkward even using the word policy. 

Supplementers know the instrument of supplementing. We practice it every day, we know the new tactics and we know how to combat them. We know what the insurance company will and won’t approve on any given day and our ears are on the door of big business insurance companies. You don’t have time to play a single instrument even if you did, we’re better to suit your needs than you are. We can help your orchestra, your company, keep the focus on cash flow and profit. Give up, yes it’s scary but you need to give up the instrument of supplementing and pivot that focus on selling or production until it’s time to give that up too.

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