Starter and Ridge Are Not Waste

When defending your bid and supplementing we keep hearing the old, that products incorporated into the waste factor. Here’s the crazy part: these products are not waste, they’re actually the opposite. Starter and ridge are completely separate products that you buy off the shelf separately. So here are a few ways that you can combat the, it’s included in the waste factor rebuttal. Number one, ask where the labor is on the installation of these products. This is my go-to statement after I get hit with the, it’s included in the waste factor rebuttal. Number two, we have a few people simply asking, “Can you pull it out of the waste and add it to its own line item?” By asking this, you’re gonna run into waste issues. Lastly number three, probably the most unpopular choice because we get stuck in our ways and that’s not to get super angry when they say no. Listen, these guys have their hands tied and simply can’t, so just ask what they can add to help the claim. You might be surprised what they’re willing to help you out with.

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