Supplement Tip of the Day

Have you ever gotten so angry with an adjuster that you just blow up? It’s happened to me quite a few times early in my career when the money really really mattered to my family and I. It’s so frustrating to have to drive four and a half hours to have a code enforcement officer sign a document just to hear the desk adjuster say okay I’ll cover that 400 code supplement. Thanks for proving it to me and if you’re wondering yes, I did that, not one of my best ways of working a supplement. That was early on and I learned something very valuable from that exact experience. It was to humanize myself. So let me fast forward, after I submitted the code docs to him and dialed the number he answered and I was very angry. It was at this point he told me “Nate, if you ever need some more money per square all you have to do is ask.” Well that made me feel like a total jerk and actually pretty stupid. I then swallowed my pride and somewhat sarcastically asked what he could do. He added in what he could and oddly enough it made the claim even more than what I had originally asked for. It’s so unreal to think back on this but this old timer saw that I was a human and saw me struggling. He wanted to help so this is the supplement tip of the day, humanize yourself and ask how this other person could help you out on the claim.

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