Asymmetric Information in Our Industry

I was brushing up on my economics and something made me think pretty deep about our industry. It’s called asymmetric information, what’s asymmetric information? It’s when one party has more information about a good or service than another party in an economic exchange. 

What’s got me so messed up about this is how big business insurance companies are holding that title, all while hiding it. When you, the contractor, in reality have all the professional knowledge on building that specific unique project. Big business insurance companies use, for the most part, a software called Xactimate or Symbility and in each of those estimate writing softwares they use one word to cover an entire process. Then they get to say well that starter strip’s included in the waste factor or blah blah blah flashing. In reality there’s an entire process that you know better than them. It seems like we need a thesaurus or some sort of special training to know what’s in their bold one-word line item. That’s the part that’s making me think all crazy. You are the professional builder not them they don’t build, you do. 

So don’t let them get by with using one word to cover a specific process. Show them, tell them, all the right ways to build, heck write it up, spell it out for them to understand. That’s how you get a profitable bid or a supplement approved and that’s how Claim Juicer does it.

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