Contractors Can Negotiate

The industry, including big business insurance companies and honestly sometimes bad public adjusters have tried and succeeded at coining terms in the industry. Terms like the word negotiate or supplement. Preying on contractors with unwarranted and sometimes illegal threats to grow their bank accounts if terms or words are used. However I’m excited now because contractors are more knowledgeable than ever. The industry is filling up with true contractor professionals and I really mean this. 

So now the good part, the “naughty” words. Contractors can defend their bid and negotiate an acceptable repair solution. Defend your bid and supplementing, yes, you can make a bid with items the insurance company forgot. There’s nothing wrong, morally, ethically, legally with that. You are tired of being bullied and over here at Claim Juicer we are inspired even more now to stand up for you, the contractor in supplementing. Keep it up guys.

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