Defend Your Bid

Policy, one of the forbidden words for an insurance restoration contractor. Just saying the word reminds me of the Lion King when the hyenas say “Mufasa.” When trying to reach an agreement with an insurance company about their unethical scope of damage what options do you actually have? I got some advice early in my career and I want to share it with you. It came from a PA, he said defend your bid and along my journey this has been such a great statement and has morphed into more of a tool than a statement. Here’s an example, I remember talking with Allstate on the phone with a supervisor in claims and I got the old it sounds like you’re trying to negotiate based on policy. Well nice try Allstate but I told them that I’m just defending my bid with fair, reasonable and necessary items. Sometimes it feels like a setup and when it does remember, you can defend your bid.

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