Xactimate Cannot Be Trusted

What is Xactimate and why can’t we trust them? Xactimate is an estimating writing software in the insurance restoration industry and the impact it has is huge. The software was created years and years ago and has mutated into what actually feels like a conspiracy or insider trading. If you get into the details of who owns Xactimate you might be shocked. To sum it up the investors are worth trillions and if you think trillionaire companies are concerned with your roofing project or the policyholder you probably think the earth is flat. Obviously I’m kidding but seriously we need to get away from using Xactimate as the industry standard in pricing and line items. Come on, they don’t even have a line item for shrub or flower protection. A cost of doing business? Yeah right and to say they keep up with the pricing is an absolute joke. 

So here’s a fresh idea: create your own estimate or supplement using your own terms and information that you’ve learned while being an insurance restoration contractor. Use real pricing and demand profit and if you can’t do that or don’t have time Claim Juicer came up with a solution we supplement out of our own software. A software that relates information about your specific project. Not some estimate that has big business insurance companies profits in mind.

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