How to Make More Money Through Supplementing

We at Claim Juicer have a tip for all you salesmen and service writers and trust me in the long run it’s going to make you thousands. It’s supplementing, I know you probably have an in-house supplementer or your boss uses an outsourced company to process supplements. It doesn’t matter, you are the first supplementer. Let me explain, when I got into this industry I was told “Hey knock these doors and ask the homeowners if they want a roof inspection.” To be 100  percent honest I had no clue what I was actually doing but I did it. In one day I got my salesman on three roofs and as my career continued I started closing deals and eventually I was the one meeting with the adjuster. I had a simple rule and that was don’t throw crap at the wall. So I was getting on roofs with real damage and guess what? They were getting approved but they weren’t as profitable as old Steve’s projects. 

One day I was eating lunch with old Steve and his now ultra successful son in the industry and asked how to get your claim average so high he pulled out a little piece of paper, an old receipt with 15 or 20 items that the insurance company was either forgetting on a claim or remitting like coroner’s returns and generators and also trending items. I don’t think he used the word trending but he knew what insurance companies were approving and he asked for it and he got it. You see supplementing happens at every major point in the claim but it starts with you. 

If you want to get a bit deeper in the process we have a blog on why it’s important to set an expectation and supplement every one of these major points. However for now, work on you, the salesman or service writer and bring up these kinds of items that old Steve was talking about and if you need help coming up with the list shoot me an email and I’ll send you a free list no problem. Thanks for reading and as usual you can stop by our website and use the always free supplement calculator to see what your potential supplement could be.

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