How to Get a Repair Turned Into a Replacement

Claim Juicer has had a ton of success with getting repairs turned into replacements and here’s how in four steps. However I will warn you it takes a ton of time, learned knowledge and in the amount of time you spend getting it flipped you probably would have sold more or worked on scaling your business. These steps are after the adjustment and a repair scope has been received.

Step one: submit an approvable estimate to the carrier, don’t worry, we can juice it later. Step two: take great photos of the damage, make a test square, take overviews, take close-up photos and submit them to the desk adjuster. Another quick tip: make sure you get a staff adjuster and not an outsourced adjusting service like Allcat or Alacrity. Step three: and probably the most important, build out a storyline for this project in three segments.

The first segment you need to write out every detail you need to do for the repair. This must be no less than a five page thesis. The second segment is compiling all the codocs, unique situations, waste factor calculations, manufacturer specifications, and missing items. This file should be absolutely massive. The third segment is delivering all the documents in an easy to understand email, one day before your scheduled appointment to talk to the adjuster. Which brings me to the next step.

Step four: set up a time to talk to the desk adjuster and when it comes time to talk tell them the truth about the repair. Let them know how you can’t do a repair and you’re stuck. Be courteous but firm. Defend the bid and use the documents above. Remember this is on the phone literally talking, not via email.

This is the easiest way to get a repair turned into a replacement. Don’t be mean, instead make a connection and help the adjuster understand the issues. If they want you to do a repair attempt video, make it. It’s not like you won’t get paid for it. If this doesn’t work send it off to a licensed public adjuster. If you don’t have time to do the steps above let Claim Juicer handle it. Sometimes letting go is more healthy and more profitable and has created more time and opportunity for roofing companies across America. As usual if you need a hand understanding this better email us at

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