We here at Claim Juicer wanted to talk about supplement pricing and, more specifically, our competitions pricing.

While writing out the details of this post, I couldn’t make it more than 15 seconds. My friends and family can attest, I’ve never really had a problem talking, but our solution is so simple and easy to understand that it speaks for itself. So let’s get that part out right away.
Claim Juicer creates explainable, approvable and necessary supplements that preovercome desk adjuster objections for an always flat $350.
It’s $350.
Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about our competition. I’ve broken this down into two competition categories and
the first one is you. Yep, the person that does their own supplements. You are our competition, and I hope this video ends that. But all laughing aside, it’s getting difficult to keep up with the big-business-insurance company supplementing industry and their ever-changing procedures. Lately, it feels as if you are a contractor, insurance consultant for yourself, supervisor, production manager, accountant, and the list goes on and on. It’s just what the industry requires, and let’s be honest, it’s tough to run a company nowadays. Our solution for supplementing takes a bite out of hours spent on supplementing, all while statically getting you more money. We have the time and energy to help. Get more sleep, spend more time with the people you love, and get more money. View us as your outsourced-in-house-supplementor.

Our 2nd competition, third-party supplement companies, and the current standard for these companies are, in my opinion, brutal. Profit splitting, weeks in turnaround time, tied up with recoverable depreciation, and sometimes unethical supplements to boost the claim size. Ugh, this all equals a corner that some contractors are backed into, but it can be different. We can help. If you are using a 3rd party supplementing company, swing by our website, try out our free supplementing calculator, and stack us up against their numbers.

If you’d like to see how Claim Juicer creates its supplements, check out the video “How Claim Juicer Creates its Supplements”.

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