We Created a Free Supplementing Tool for You

We have created a free tool that may help you better understand ROI on Supplements.

Supplements have been a hot topic in the industry for a long time, with titles of delaying projects, tieing up recoverable depreciation, and percentage-based money-gouging-supplement-companies. It’s exhausting to keep up. If you’ve watched any of Claim Juicers’ other videos, you know that we turn supplements over in 48 hours, charge a low flat fee and supplement the front end. Getting your profit and cash flow before your project even starts. We feel like the old is getting blown out to sea, and Claim Juicer is stepping in. In the past, you could never calculate or much less guess what a supplement could make you in ROI… you turn it over to a 3rd party, and then they get you an undisclosed amount that you now have to profit split with them, and it almost takes a degree to understand it all. We saw that this was a problem. Contractors want information! So we put artificial intelligence to work, and it is now easier than ever to see what your potential supplement could be, and you are seven clicks from knowing it. Go to claimjuicer.com and use our free supplement calculator. This calculator uses our REAL numbers to get you an idea of what your supplement could be. It pulls OUR data and standardizes the percentage to show you precisely what you could expect. 

So if you’re using a 3rd party, have an in-house supplementor, or simply doing it yourself, stack us up, see what these supplements have made our customers over the last year in comparison to your current solution. We think you’ll be impressed, and don’t forget, no percentage-based billing here. It’s always a flat rate!

Go to claimjuicer.com and try it for free.

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