What Photos Should You Take

From adjusting to selling, contracting and now supplementing I’ve seen a ton of lists, guides and strict instructions on photo documentation. Photos still seem to be an annoying needed process in our industry. I’m going to give you a couple free solutions for photo document SOPs. These two options should cover all of your photo […]

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CompanyCam Meets Claim Juicer

CompanyCam is now integrated with Claim Juicer and I’m pretty excited. This is just another step in the right direction when combating big business insurance companies. This integration covers the entire claims process and any potential processes of photo documentation needed throughout the claim. With our custom operating process which CompanyCam calls “To-Do List” we’ve

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Contractors Can Negotiate

The industry, including big business insurance companies and honestly sometimes bad public adjusters have tried and succeeded at coining terms in the industry. Terms like the word negotiate or supplement. Preying on contractors with unwarranted and sometimes illegal threats to grow their bank accounts if terms or words are used. However I’m excited now because

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Manage Your Money

Are you having problems scaling? This probably has to do with your money management, I know you don’t want to hear it and if it stings to hear it this blog is probably for you. To start being better with your money management, begin with this mentality.  There’s three steps. Step one, remember that cash

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Get “Sample” Prices

Symbility is attempting to change pricing in our industry indefinitely. Using MadSky managed repair companies or ITEL as a pricing reference. It’s unreal that this is even happening right now but how do we combat it? It’s easy, come up with four or five references outlining real prices. Call up the suppliers, get prices and

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